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WHFC is a client program for HylaFax. It runs on Windows. It allows windows users to be able to "Print To Fax" or use OLE to programmatically fax directly from application. It is authored by WHFC is written by Ulrich Eckhardt. Its home page is at WHFC HOME PAGE. It is an open source freeware program. Being open source you can learn from the program as well as customize to your needs by modifying the source code.

I have done following modification(s) to the program:

5/11/2006: To delete fax, you have to click the trash can icon. You cannot simply highlight the fax line in the list control and hit the delete key (mousing vs keyboard). I have added that feature too now thus you can either click the trash can or hit the delete key!


To view a job/file now you can hit space bar (In addition to the option of double clicking)
Delete All button will delete all file in receive queue but only on file in other queue. However, at least one item has to be selected
Support of viewing done and send queue also added similar to the receive queue
In System settings added option for TiffViewer, ps viewer and path to HylaFax Dir for proper handing of viewing and printing of any queue job/file. Use following format as examples: 

C:\Program Files\Ghostgum\gsview\gsview32.exe



(Note: No spaces in tiff viewer)

Delete works for send and done queue also (Deletes job but not underlying file)
On Program Startup Receive queue is displayed as opposed to Send Queue as the user most likely wants to see what faxes are received

(Note: As far as viewing, printing and deleting is concerned, user has to have proper permissions

Email comments to: Alexomaxo Winthrop

Download the altered exe and source code files by clicking here: